ALU Admissions

Admission to an ALU resident course is by nomination from HRC for PME courses and from the prospective student's command through ATRRS. Reservations or ― holds against resident quotas must be posted to ATRRS at least 46 days before the class start date or ATRRS will automatically release quotas on a first-come, first-served basis. If the nominating command or its higher headquarters does not have access to ATRRS, three copies of Standard Form (SF) 182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training, must be mailed to:

FORT LEE VA 23801-1705,

60 days before the class start date. Forms without social security numbers (SSNs) will not be considered for enrollment.

Resident class reporting instructions are contained in the ALU Student Handbook that is available on the ALU Web site,, under ―Academic Info.  Reservations for nonresident classes not posted on ATRRS at least 30 days before the class start date will be subject to cancellation. The approval authority for school attendance resides with the training officer, who must ensure that each nominee meets course prerequisites. Students who do not meet course prerequisites may be required to return to home station without training. Course points of contact found in the alphabetical course listing may be able to assist with clarification of a nominee's qualifications. 

Procedures for nominating Reserve Component officers are outlined in Army Regulation (AR) 135-200. ALU’s Assistant Vice President - Army National Guard (ARNG), (804) 765-8007/DSN 539-8007, and Assistant Vice President - Army Reserve (USAR), (804) 765-8008/DSN 539-8008, ( are available to assist Reserve component students with administrative issues and to provide academic and career counseling. Their mailing address is ARMY LOGISTICS UNIVERSITY, ATTN ATSZ NG (or ATSZ RC), 2401 QUARTERS ROAD, FORT LEE VA 23801-1705. Qualified noncommissioned officers are accepted, on an individual basis, in many ALU courses. Selection will be based on factors such as educational level, experience, duties, and military occupational specialty (MOS).

Civilian nominees: Application forms and procedures are outlined in the Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) Training Catalog that is available on line (ACTEDS Training Catalog). Applicants must submit the original and one copy of their application package through command channels to the Civilian Logistics Career Management Office (CLCMO). See the CLCMO website for details.

Training officers must enter applicant information in ATRRS. TLog orders should authorize dual lodging and increased per diem for class trips.

The Security Assistance Training Field Activity Web site, , contains information on ALU course attendance by international military students. The ALU International Military Student Office (IMSO) assists students with administrative, social, cultural, recreational, and personal matters and solicits sponsors for international students while they are at ALU. Additional information on ALU's international military student program can be obtained by emailing IMSO at, or calling (804) 765-4012/DSN 539-4012. IMSO’s mailing address is ARMY LOGISTICS UNIVERSITY, ATTN ATSZ AI, 2401 QUARTERS ROAD, FORT LEE VA 23801-1705.

ALU also conducts onsite seminars designed to provide refresher instruction to executive-level logistics managers. These seminars should be requested through the ATRRS TRAP. Requests should include the specific topic, preferred dates, the number of persons to be trained, and the name and phone number of a point of contact.

ALU does not allow transfer of students between programs because each course is a stand-alone entity that does not lead to the granting of a degree. ALU educational programs are designed to meet specific Department of Defense (DOD) or Army training requirements as documented through the TACITS and SMDR processes. ALU courses are not lateral to or connected with any other courses or programs outside of DOD. 

Additional information about ALU can be obtained by writing to ARMY LOGISTICS UNIVERSITY, ATTN ATSZ AEO R, 2401 QUARTERS ROAD, FORT LEE VA 23801-1705 or by calling (804) 765-4149/DSN 539-4149. The ALU Course Catalog, class schedule, and Student Handbook can be found on the ALU Web site,, under "COURSES", or on the left menu on this page.


Commands nominating individuals who do not meet all course prerequisites must forward a complete justification for exception. Waivers must be received at least 60 days before the course start date . Waivers received after the nomination due date will be accepted on a space-available basis. Failure to provide a required waiver may result in rejection of a nominee’s application and possible loss of the activity’s quota. ATRRS users should indicate "waiver" in the remarks section of the reservation roster screen (RL display). Course points of contact found in the alphabetical course listing section of this catalog may be able to assist with clarification of a nominee's qualifications.


DD Form 448, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is the only method of payment accepted for ALU courses. MIPRs must be submitted to ALU 30 days before class start date to avoid class cancellation. MIPRs must cover the cost of instructor travel, per diem, printing, and shipping of course materials and will be accepted as reimbursed. The hosting command will be billed in order to collect the funds. MIPRs should identify the course, class number, and class dates that are being funded. ALU will not accept MIPRs subject to availability of funding. All MIPRs should be mailed to DCSRM, Budget Division, ATTN ATCL RB (ALU Budget Branch), 2221 Adams Avenue, FORT LEE VA 23801-2102. Payment questions should be directed to the ALU budget office at (804) 765-4109/DSN 539-4109.


ALU is required by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller (OASA [FM&C]) to collect tuition for training of non-DOD agency employees, non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees, and DOD contractors.

Tuition charges cannot be waived. Tuition varies based on the specific course and its training location-DOD Contractors should contact the appropriate COR for specific tuition charges.

- Partial days are rounded to the nearest whole day for tuition purposes.

- Non-DOD agencies, NAF activities, and DOD contractors MUST submit a check made payable to the TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES, with an SF 182, Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement, or equivalent information for each student.

- The SF-182 must identify the student, course, class number, and class dates, be signed by the appropriate person authorizing the training, and sent to the training officer for ATRRS enrollment.

Checks will be delivered to the DEO Contract Reimbursement Officer (CRO) who will document and deliver to the CASCOM G-8 Budget Division for further processing and delivery to the US Treasury Department.

Non-DOD agencies and NAF employees will fax their forms to ALU for ATRRS input.

The contract administrator for DOD contractors will submit the SF-182 to the appropriate POC for the course as found on the course description page found here.

Training officers must ensure that students are coded as non-DOD or contractor personnel to facilitate collection of tuition. (See ATRRS VR display, table 15, for component codes.) The fax number for non-DOD forms is (804) 765-4240.

Reimbursement rates for military personnel and civilian employees of foreign governments are established according to guidance published in AR 12-15, Joint Security Assistance Training (JSAT), and in corresponding service regulations. Separate rates apply to students in a foreign military sales training or international military education and training status.

These rates are revised periodically and are published by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in foreign military sales and military assistance program articles and services lists.

Course costs vary and are subject to change. For FY15 course costs please contact the ALU Department of Education and Operations at (804) 765-0100.

For More information, please refer to DFAS Reg 37-1.



Requirements for the Army Logistics University’s (ALU’s) resident, onsite, and distributed learning courses are determined in a survey conducted annually by the Army Human Resources Command (HRC) Alexandria, Virginia. The Total Army Centralized Individual Training Survey (TACITS) is conducted during the March-April timeframe through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Web page at Results of the survey may be modified at ALU’s Structure Manning Decision Review (SMDR) held annually at Headquarters, Department of the Army (DA). Programmed requirements, instructor resources, and available facilities are considered when preparing the ALU class schedule. Requests for training not identified at the SMDR must be submitted through ATRRS using the Training Resource Arbitration Panel (TRAP) conducted by the Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. Open TRAP numbers and dates can be found on the NM display of the ATRRS Web page. ALU’s ATRRS school codes are 907 (CPCE Fort Lee campus); 907A (CPCE site at the University of Huntsville); 907B (Logistics Leadership College); 907C (Technical Logistics College); and 601 (Logistics NCOA).


Quota allocations are based on course requirements identified in the TACITS and SMDR processes. If a command determines that a training requirement exists for a resident class but does not have a quota, the quota "swap" system (QR display) available in ATRRS may be used or the nominee may be entered in a "wait" status. Quotas for onsite or distributed learning (dL) classes are allocated to the site point of contact listed on the ATRRS C3 display.

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