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Correspondence Courses

NATURE AND PURPOSE: Correspondence courses are designed to develop management skills in individuals with current or potential assignments to positions of responsibility in the DOD logistics system. Correspondence courses are listed in the appendices and are managed by the Army Institute for Professional Development (AIPD).

ELIGIBILITY: US Active, Reserve and National Guard officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel, as well as DOD civilian employees, are eligible to enroll in courses. Non-US citizens employed by DOD and foreign military are eligible but must contact AIPD for special enrollment procedures.

ENROLLMENT PREREQUISITES: Prerequisites are listed by course in the alphabetical course listing of this catalog and in DA Pamphlet 350-59, Army Correspondence Course Catalog.

RECOMMENDED COLLEGE CREDIT: The American Council on Education (ACE) has examined ALU correspondence courses and has recommended undergraduate and graduate-level credit that may be granted by civilian educational institutions. When applicable, the number of recommended semester hours of credit is given under the course description. A transcript of courses completed will be forwarded to civilian institutions at the student’s request. Requests must be in writing and sent to ARMY INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (AIPD), ATTN ATSC TSAPD, BLDG 3306, WILSON ROAD, FT EUSTIS VA 23604-5166. For additional Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) assistance, contact is made through the Army Training Help desk (ATHD), Only those correspondence courses for which ACE has recommended credit will be listed on AIPD official transcripts.

HOW TO ENROLL: Students can now enroll for certain correspondence courses by accessing the AIPD website: Soldiers who don’t have access to the Internet or wish enrollment in courses not yet offered on-line can enroll through their units via ATRRS School Code 553. Enrollment procedures are in DA Pam 350-59 and accessible through the website above.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: Inquiries concerning administration of correspondence courses should be directed to the ARMY INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (AIPD), ATTN ATSC ITSD, BLDG 3306, WILSON ROAD, FT EUSTIS VA 23604-5166, (DSN 826-3335 or (757) 878-2169) or via e-mail to Inquiries concerning course content should be directed to the appropriate course POC information provided in the alphabetical course listing

Listing of ALU Correspondence Courses

CPCE Certificate Programs

NATURE AND PURPOSE: In cooperation with certain professional societies, CPCE offers programs of study that can lead to the award of a certificate in two logistics fields or closely related fields. The programs are designed for individuals who want to take advantage of continuous education to improve their professional skills.

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the certificate programs are: (1) to encourage DOD military and civilian personnel to complete courses of instruction to develop and broaden their professional potential and knowledge; (2) to recognize individual accomplishment in the areas of Demonstrated Logistician Designation Program* and the Physical Distribution Management Program; and (3) to affiliate CPCE and participants in the programs with professional societies.

*NOTE: The Executive Logistics Management (ELM) Certificate is no longer being awarded. In its place is an internationally recognized Demonstrated Logistician Designation Program that is offered in partnership with SOLE – The International Society of Logistics. If you have previously received the ELM Certificate, you may find that you are now eligible for one of the three categories of Demonstrated Logistician designation.

REQUIREMENTS Satisfactory completion of the prerequisite courses is mandatory for enrollment in each of the certificate programs. Satisfactory completion of elective courses is necessary to become eligible for receipt of the desired certificate. Individuals completing courses at other service schools or civilian universities may petition to have those courses applied toward elective credits. Scopes of courses, along with copies of diplomas or certificates of completion, must be submitted with application. These courses, as well as those formerly offered by CPCE, will be evaluated on an individual basis for elective credit only. Elective credit is awarded only for courses taken within the last 10 years. All modes of courses may be used.

ENROLLMENT Persons who have completed the required prerequisite courses for enrollment in a certificate program may submit an application for enrollment, along with copies of diplomas and certificates. All correspondence pertaining to the CPCE certificate program should be addressed to the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), ATTN ATSZ ASO C, 2401 QUARTERS ROAD, FORT LEE, VA 23801-1705. The Certificate Program Coordinator can be reached at DSN 539-4882 or (804) 765-4882.

The Demonstrated Logistician Designation Program

Since November 2005, the Demonstrated Logistician Program (DemLog) has awarded over 660 designations to US recipients and over 1,000 to individuals of other nations or defense contractors. The current range of awardees is from sergeant to general officer, and civilians from GS-09 to GS-14.

The US Army Human Resource Command recognizes the designation for inclusion on a soldier’s Enlisted Record Brief or Officer Record Brief. There are versions of the program for each US military service and for other nations, each tailored to their specific organizational culture, and all under the careful watch of SOLE – the International Society of Logistics to ensure continuity of overall requirements so that the designation always represents an equal attainment worldwide.

What does it represent? It signifies that the recipient possesses a distinct level of logistics knowledge and demonstrated achievement. Or to say it with jargon, DemLog combines education, training and experience, which is important because: "It shows you have more than just head knowledge. You not only know, but you can do."

The designation cannot be earned simply by studying a few books and then taking a test. Instead, it requires logistics experience in more than one logistics discipline (a primary and at least one other in the areas of maintenance, supply or transportation), called "functional" experience in DemLog parlance. And it requires experience in "enabling" skills such as financial management, contracting, program management, etc. Add to this a lengthy list of military logistics-oriented courses (such as those taught at logistics service schools or the US Army Logistics University) and the attainment of a college degree (or, for the first of the three categories of DemLog, verify that you are working toward a degree), and you have a portrait of the requirements for the designation.

And for many, it creates a sense of professional recognition. To quote a recipient from the Defense Contract Management Agency in Los Angeles: "The [Department of Defense] is so huge that the designation at the end of the name will help others identify us as logisticians."

So, ultimately, what is its purpose? The Demonstrated Logistician Program serves as a credential of the recipient’s logistics acumen, so that our leaders may have increased confidence that our logistics missions will be successfully accomplished by "capable hands." And, it identifies you as a professional in the field of logistics, a field that continues to gain in importance commercially and within the Defense community.

The Army Demonstrated Logistician Program is administered by a partnership of the US Army Logistics University and SOLE – the International Society of Logistics.

For more information, a copy of the DemLog application and a guidebook, please go to the web page.

Physical Distribution Management

PREREQUISITES Enrollees must have completed the prerequisite course before submitting their application for enrollment.


ELECTIVE COURSES Enrollees must earn six elective credits in addition to the prerequisites and core courses to complete all requirements. Two of the six elective credits must be completed from the list below. Each of these courses receives one credit, except for the Logistics Executive Development (or the TLog) and the Operations Research/Systems Analysis Military Applications / Courses, which receive two credits each. Selected courses from other schools may be submitted for review as substitutes for as many as four elective credits. The maximum credit allowed for each college course is two. All courses must be documented and will be reviewed individually. Graduates of the DA Logistics Intern Training Program or the Intern Logistics Studies Program (8A-F44/551-F38) conducted at Fort Lee meet all requirements for the Physical Distribution Management Certificate Program.

The application for the CPCE Physical Distribution Management Certificate can be obtained here.

Reserve Component Programs

The US Army Logistics University conducts one Reserve Component program to qualify Soldiers for 90A designation: the Reserve Component Theater Sustainment Course (RCTSC). Course specific information may be found in the alphabetical listing of this catalog for this course.

All Reserve Component-related questions may be sent to:

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