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CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical LanguagesTM   

Developed by Transparent Language®, CL-150 contains extensive applications and content specifically targeted to specialized users. Available for a restricted user population, to include US Army Foreign Area Officers, Military Intelligence personnel, DLI affiliates, and SOCOM personnel, in addition to all USMC and USN. Individuals seeking to find language software for more than 70 languages can visit our foreign language learning resources at Transparent Language.

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Field Support Division

The Field Support Division has the mission of supporting non-linguist warfighters and other General Purpose Force foreign language familiarization requirements through the Professional Military Education Support (ProMES) and Language Familiarization and Area Studies Team (LFAST) programs, as well as through specialized Language Training.

DLI has also developed a language program named the Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS) wherein independent learners can improve their foreign language skills.

Rapport Image   Important: DLIFLC has released Rapport (username/password required), a mandatory online basic language and cultural awareness training program in Dari and Pashto, required for all service members and civilians deploying to Afghanistan. Iraqi Rapport training is also mandatory for all Soldiers and DA civilians deploying to Iraq. In addition to this website, Rapport is also available on Army Knowledge Online and JLU.

Selected Materials:

  • Pashto Basic Language Survival Guide ( LSK)
  • Pashto Cultural Orientation Video

Foreign Service Institute (FSI)

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the Federal Government's primary training institution for officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community. FSI provides more than 600 courses—including some 70 foreign languages—to more than 100,000 enrollees a year from the State Department, other government agencies and the military.

Ranging in length from one day to two years, courses are designed to promote successful performance in each professional assignment, to ease the adjustment to other countries and cultures, and to enhance the leadership and management capabilities of the U.S. foreign affairs community.


Joint Language University (JLU)

JLU is an open language training portal serving the public, private, academic and government sectors. Ideal for acquiring, maintaining, enhancing, or refreshing language skills.  For complete, unfettered access, first register with ".mil" or ".gov" email address. All materials are completely free and available to current federal and DOD employees: 10,000+ catalog items including targeted language training, assessment objects and Area & Culture training; One-click access (no login required) to our licensed resources; detailed training history, tracking current and completed courses; formal certificates of completion.

The following information about their cross-cultural competence trainer (3CT):

"Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT) is JKO course #J3OP-US744. It is accessible via the JKO Culture and Language web page,

Anyone with a CAC is able access the course. JLU also have the course on DVD for those with very little bandwidth.

Sample Materials:


Operational Language and Culture Training Systems (OLCTS)

OLCTS features self-paced computer-based courses to promote practical, effective spoken communication skills. Instruction emphasizes spoken vocabularies and pronunciation. Courses tolerate incorrect pronunciation and guide students extensively on how to improve. Interactive 3D video games simulate real-life communication. DOD and U.S. Military personnel with a .mil email address can register automatically for OLCTS Courses. OLCTS also features an Operational Language and Culture mobile app from iTunes.

Rosetta Stone®

Rosetta Stone® is an online language learning tool designed to teach naturally, without tedious translation, memorization or grammar drills. The Dynamic Immersion method uses native speakers and real-life images to develop proficiency in key language skills. All Active Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, DA Civilians, USMA or ROTC contracted cadets have free online access to Rosetta Stone® courses in thirty one languages. The following Military Edition languages now include military-specific content, and are accessible through AKO (CAC required): Arabic (Iraq); Arabic (Modern Standard); Bahasa Indonesia; Dari; Pashto; Urdu, Swahili.

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