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Logistics Non-Commissioned Officers Academy

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The Noncommissioned Officers Academy has a mission to prepare new and Prospective Staff Sergeants and Sergeants First Class for their duties as Senior Noncommissioned Officers in positions throughout the Department of Defense and Allied Nation Forces. Noncommissioned Officers are essential elements to the United States military providing for Command and Control as well as supervision of activities pertaining to the discipline, health, morale, and welfare of Advanced and Senior Leaders course.


Our mission at the Army Logistics University NCO Academy is to: Develop confident, competent, and adaptive Noncommissioned Officers through training and education; produce professional leaders in sustainment operations and leadership skills; provide quality education that enhances student learning, delivered with exceptional service by qualified and caring student-centered staff and faculty.


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Advanced Leader Course (ALC) Senior Leader Course (SLC)
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Commandant's Philosophy

NCOA Commandant's Philosophy (PDF)

Student Information

In addition to the ALU Student Ino Links, please review the following NCOA policies below for information pertaining to your requirements and your arrival.

NCOA Welcome Letter Student Guide
Ft Lee Lodging/Meal Policy Reporting Procedures
Packing-List - ALC OD Pre-Execution Checklist
Packing List - ALC TC Packing List - ALC QM
DL Course Prerequisites SLC
Training Travel Policy NCOA Policy Letters (40)
APFT Requirements ALARACT 126/2014


FYI LOGO   USASMA developed Advanced Leader Course (ALC) Common Core distributed Learning (DL)/Video Teletraining (VTT) course 600-C45, and any Individual MOS DL courses must be completed to be considered a course graduate. This material may be completed before, during or after any Phase of this course. All DL courses are managed by HRC Enlisted Military Schools Branch.

Students Using Government Charge Cards

Defense Travel System

FYI LOGO   Students set up in DTS (Defense Travel System), please ensure that partial payments are authorized while you are TDY.  This is extremely important for those students who use the government charge card.

NCOA Commandants

The position of commandant of the NCO Academy is filled by an honorable enlisted cadre with a long history of experience and dedication to the United States military. These leaders have a risen through the ranks and have been selected to their appointed office due to their selfless service and technical acumen. Their history and legacy will help shape the lives and careers of countless Soldiers and their legacy will echo in the halls well beyond their tenure.

Current NCOA Commandant

3rd NCOA Commandant

2nd NCOA Commandant

1st NCOA Commandant


Fort Lee Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

United States Army Sergeants Major Academy

NCOA History