Army Sustainment March - April 2014

Featuresustainment’s Role in Strategic Landpower

Sustainment’s Role in Strategic Landpower

For strategic landpower to be effective, sustainers must have an active role in its development and execution. Download this article.


Rules for Planning Joint Sustainment

Three rules make up the mental framework to help planners think through the joint planning process. Download this article.

FocusMG Wyche

Reinvigorating Sustainment Home Station Training

Technology will play a large role in a new initiative that will provide Soldiers with training products and tools to improve operational readiness. Download this article.


Strategic Broadening: An Opportunity for Logisticians

The Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Studies Group needs logisticians to provide a balanced view of both Army strategic capabilities and challenges. Download this article.


Communicating to Enable Decisive Action

The author suggests changing the modified table of organization and equipment for brigade combat teams to improve communication capabilities. Download this article.

SpectrumAcross the Pond: The Strategic Implications of Delivering U.S. Meat to Soldiers and Their Families in Europe

Across the Pond: The Strategic Implications of Delivering U.S. Meat to Soldiers and Their Families in Europe

This article details the interagency, international, and joint cooperation necessary to ensure meat products from the United States are available to U.S. forces overseas. Download this article.

Training and Education

Distributing Repair Parts During Decisive Action Training

The evolving training environment at the National Training Center has created new challenges for sustainers. The author suggests some solutions. Download this article.


The 10 Things You Should Know About CAISI and CSS VSATThe 10 Things You Should Know About CAISI and CSS VSAT

Knowing these things about the Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface and the Combat Service Support Very Small Aperture Terminal will help you make the most of the Army's sustainment information systems. Download this article.


Army TMDE Utilization Study

To improve test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) utilization, the Army recently conducted a study that surveyed TMDE usage, coordinator training, and calibration workloads. Download this article.


Getting There Was the Battle:
Part I

This article, the first in a two-part series, looks back at the impact of insufficient logistics force structure during the planning phase of Operation Joint Endeavor, the deployment of peacekeeping forces to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995. Download this article.

FeaturesSustaining the Force Forward

Sustaining the Force Forward

Realistic training prepares units to be part of a ready, relevant strategic landpower force, empowering junior leaders to make decisions in an expeditionary logistics environment. Download this article.


Enabling Fleet Management With CBM+

Condition-Based Maintenance Plus, the next generation of preventive maintenance, will improve the reliability and effectiveness of defense systems and components. Download this article.


Management Fads: Beware of the Next Big Thing

Since the middle of the 20th century, the Department of Defense has undertaken a wide variety of initiatives to improve the management and control of the ever changing enterprise. Download this article.


How Financial Management Is Integral to Mission Command

Following this guide to participating in the operations process ensures that a financial manager’s command budget accurately portrays the commander’s plan. Download this article.


How Modularity Changed Key Developmental Assignments for Field-Grade Sustainers

A support operations officer position was once the preferred assignment for sustainer professional development, but modularity has changed the role of the brigade S–4, making it the more suitable slot for growth. Download this article.

OperationsDemilitarizing Ammunition in Support of Operation New Dawn

Demilitarizing Ammunition in Support of Operation New Dawn

Lessons learned from the demilitarization of ammunition during the withdrawal from Iraq may be helpful for the drawdown in Afghanistan. Download this article.


Retrograde Operations Planning and Execution

This article offers suggestions for how to organize and conduct retrograde operations. Download this article.

ToolsProcessing Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss in a Deployed Sustainment Brigade

Processing Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss in a Deployed Sustainment Brigade

Reporting property loss in a deployed environment presents a number of unique challenges, especially to sustainment brigades. Download this article.


Understanding the COMSEC Materiel Control System

Replacing communications security equipment has specific requirements. Knowing those requirements and following them can reduce replacement wait time. Download this article.

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Pvt. Vivianne Valadez, a motor transport operator with the 579th Forward Support Company, 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment, hooks an ammunition pod to an UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during sling-load training Nov. 21, 2013, at Camp Mobile, South Korea. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Carlos R. Davis)

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