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Index of Army Logistician Articles—2008


Adapted Missions for Petroleum Liaison Detachments—COL Mark Asbury, p. 20.
An Interview With the Army’s Senior Enlisted Logistician—CSM Daniel K. Elder and Diana Dawa, p. 2.
Combat Escort Team Validation—SSG Joshua Salmons, p. 24.
Female Medics in Line Units—CPT Lisa M. Dennis, p. 18.
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard? The Way Ahead—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 30.
Five Key Areas of the 4th Sustainment Brigade’s Success—SSG Joshua Salmons, p. 8.
Lessons Learned From a Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration Site—MAJ Bryan K. Ouellette, MEARNG, p. 28.
Maintenance in the Brigade Special Troops Battalion—MAJ James W. Craft and CW3 Louis Watkins, p. 4.
Operation Mountain Thrust—CPT Carolyn Trias-DeRyder, p. 12.
R–CAATs: Bridging the Information Gap—MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 1.
Spectrum: A Values-Based Critique of Lean and Six Sigma as a Management Ideology—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone, p. 34.
Supplying Forward Operating Bases—CPT Kristie Richardson, p. 16.
The Need for Cross-Training at the Company Level—CPT Charles L. Arnold, p. 17.


Building an Army for Afghanistan—MAJ Jason A. Crowe, p.4
Defeating the Threat to Sustainment Operations—COL Bradford K. Nelson, p.33
Ensuring CLP Success—CPT Amy E. Cronin and 1LT Gregory Sterley, p.30
Logistics Force Generation for Iraq—LTC David Beougher and SFC Bruce A. Haynes, USA (Ret.), p.14
UltraLog: Securing Logistics Information on the Battlefield—CDR James C. Workman, USN (Ret.), p. 19.
Low-Cost, Low-Altitude Aerial Resupply —Nicholas C. Zello and COL Daniel L. Labin, USA (Ret.), p.20
Preparing for the Big Chill—Staff Feature, p.17
Ready, Set, Redeploy—MAJ Brandon Grubbs, MAJ Bill Haas, and LTC Robert Reynolds, p.10
SAAS-MOD Training Challenges—CPT Martin Caban, p.24
Spectrum: The Iron Mountains of Post-Cold War Interventions—COL Kenneth E. King, p.38
Supporting the Army’s First Battlefield Surveillance Brigade—1LT Orna T. Bradley, p.26
Sustainment is Our Middle Name—Charles W. Fick, Jr., p.8
The Army’s New Logistics Branch: An Interview With CASCOM’s Commanding General—MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p.1
The Battlefield Contracting Community of Practice—Patrick Conway, p.46


Automating Property Accountability—COL Kenneth A. Scott, USAR, and MAJ Charles W. Weko, USAR, p.29
BCT Logistics in Al Anbar Province—MAJ Mark D. Pike, PAARNG, p.22
Bomb Squads and EOD Personnel: Interoperability for Homeland Defense—COL Dick A. Larry, p.6
Collecting Information From the Field—Earl C. Driver, p.10
Commentary: Is It Time to Reconsider Training for PBUSE?—CW4 Joel Lockhart, p.32
Graduate-Level Education for Logisticians—CPT Stacy Pennington, p.34
Helpful Thoughts for Junior Leaders—LTC Kenneth Long, USA (Ret.), p.15
Spectrum: From Just In Case to Just In Time—MAJ Eric T. Wallis, p.36
Sustainment Center of Excellence Lifelong Learning Portal:
Gateway to Lifelong Learning for Logisticians
—MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p.1
Understanding the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model—MAJ Michael B. Siegl, p.18
Unit Deactivation Logistics in Review—MAJ Vincent C. Nwafor, p.2
Warrior Logisticians: Establishing an SSA From the Ground Up—1LT Brice R. Westhoven, p.12
Weakening the Enemy From Within—Noel D. Matchett, p.39


A Fond Farewell—LTG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p.1
Carrier Association Reporting System—Fran Willis and Cheryl L. Freeman, p.7
Chinese Logistics Modernization—CPT David A. Payne, p.10
Commentary: A Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance System—SSG Michael Winkler, p.45
Commentary: Fostering Iraqi Army Logistics Success—LTC Thomas M. Magee, USAR, p.16
Enhanced Logistics Tracking and Monitoring Through Sensor Technology—Janina W. Plinsky and Jerry Rodgers, p.13
Executive Education for Depot and Arsenal Leaders—Jerry Shinn, p.39
Field-Portable Propellant Stability Test Equipment—Elena M. Graves, p.20
MDMP at the SDDC: The Art and Science of Terminal Operations—LTC Marshall N. Ramsey and MAJ Ryon F. Adam, p.3
New Gear for Afghan Commandos—PO1 David Votroubek, USNR, p.12
On the Road to Condition-Based Maintenance for Army Vehicles—Mark S. Bounds, Mary Calomeris, Michael Pohland, and Marguerite Shepler, p.42
Stryker Brigade Combat Teams Need Forward Support Companies—LTC Danny F. Tilzey, MAJ Gary Kasavicha, and MAJ Charles X. Rote, p.26
Successful Implementation of Logistics Support Teams in an SBCT—LTC Dwayne M. Butler, MAJ Kenneth C. Bradford,
and CPT Juliane C. Schwetz, p.33
The Chief of Staff’s Imperatives and the Army Field Support Brigade—LTC Jordan S. Chroman, p.40
Wartime Host Nation Support on the Korean Peninsula—LTC Kam S. Gunther, p.8


Improving Tactical Trucks for the Future—MG James E. Chambers, p.1
An Integrated Enterprise Approach to AIT—David L. Dias and Timothy P. Ringdahl, p.2
BCS3: Getting the Most Out of a Strategic Sustainment Tool—LTC S. Eric Stewart, p.4
BSB Support to Advisory Teams in Iraq—MAJ Andrew Hotaling and MAJ Jason McGuire, p.29
Combined Logistics Excellence Awards: What It Takes to Win—Staff Feature, p.37
Exchange Pricing Improves Reparable Item Management—Staff Feature, p.44
Field Support Company Maintenance Operations During Deployment—CW5 Joseph W. Floriano, MIARNG, p.27
Fifty-Two Things You Might Want to Know About In-Transit Visibility—Alexander F. Barnes and Richard K. Boch, p.10
Flexible Support for the Heavy BCT—CPT John F. Jacques, 1LT Justin T. Bergen, 1LT Sonya S. Standefer, and 1LT Carl S. Miller, p.33
Iraqi Truck Company Transformation—Staff Feature, p.24
Logistics Transformation in Europe: Maintaining Support While
Performing Expeditionary Missions
—COL Martin B. Pitts and MAJ Kenneth M. Leeds, Jr., p.15
MDMP: One Tool in the Commander’s Tool Chest—MAJ John D. Nawoichyk, p.18
Sense and Respond: Military Logistics in a Global Security Environment—MAJ Michael F. Hammond, p.6
Spectrum: The Distribution Dilemma: That Last Tactical Mile—MAJ Kevin F. Daniels, USAR, p.39
The Army Logistics University—Barbara G. Mroczkowski, p.20


DCAM: Managing MEDLOG Systems on the Battlefield—Bill Snethen, p.20
Ee Afghanistan Ast: Medical Logistics Mentoring
in the Afghan National Army
—MAJ Scott C. Woodard, p.26
Integrating Contractors Into Brigade Support Battalion Operations—MAJ Damien Green, p.2
Logistics Status Reports and the Logistics Common Operating Picture—CW4 Timothy N. McCarter, Sr., p.5
Measures to Prevent Profiles in Combat Support Commands—LT Sara D. Thomas, USN, p.22
Project Management Principles for Unit Logisticians—LTC Paul Wakefield, p.17
Providing S–2 Support for a Brigade Support Battalion—CPT Mary K. Kahler, p.8
Sense and Respond: Logistics on the Insurgent Battlefield—MAJ Michael F. Hammond, p.33
SETAF Mechanics Train Botswanan Soldiers—Staff Feature, p.36
Spectrum: Delivering Value Through Logistics—MAJ Jennifer M. Stephens, p.43
Supply Line Warfare—Dr. Cliff Welborn, p.12
The Army Reserve at 100: An Emerging Operational Force—Staff Feature, p.15
The Nature of Knowledge in the Profession of Military Logistics—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone, p.39
The Sustain Warfighters’ Forum: Sharing What You Know—MG James E. Chambers, p.1