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Index of Army Logistician and
Army Sustainment Articles—2009


From CASCOM: Identifying Logistics Requirements Early Improves Warfighting Capabilities—David B. Crum, p. 1.
Improving Materiel Readiness for the Joint Warfighter—MAJ Eric McCoy, p. 40.
Operational Logistics Planner for the Modular Army—Thomas W. Chavers, p. 51.
Securing Khabari Crossing in Kuwait—MAJ Demetria S. Walker, USAR, p. 2.
Sense and Resond: Logistics at the Unit Level—MAJ Michael F. Hammond, p. 6.
Spectrum: Army Logistics Knowledge Management and SALE—Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson, p. 46.
Supporting Immediate Response 2008—Staff Feature, p. 36.
The Road to Interoperability—MAJ Susan Carson, British Army, p. 43.
Where the Rubber Meets the Road—SPC Richard L. Rzepka, p. 4.
Special Section: 3d Sustainment Brigade in Iraq Distribution Operations in MND-North—MAJ Charlie Ward, p. 14.
Engineers Breaking New Ground in the Sustainment Brigade—MAJ Anne V. Taylor, p.18.
Establishing Modular Human Resources Operations in Iraq—CPT Shaunarey Amos, p. 23.
Integrating Financial Management Operations in a Logistics Support Environment—LTC Russell A. Holscher, p. 26.
Logistics Convoys and the Intelligence Mission—CPT Jennifer Hurrle, p. 11.
Modular Transformation and the 3d Sustainment Brigade—COL Darrell K. Williams,
LTC Lillard D. Evans, and CPT Brittany R. Warren, p. 8.
Nonlethal Engagements as a Sustainment Mission—CPT Lloyd E. Warren III and CPT Brittany R. Warren, p. 28.
The Health of the Command—COL Linwood B. Clark, p. 34.


Acquisition and PBUSE—Pablo A. Brown and John E. Laudan, p. 7.
Commentary: Contingency Contracting Ruminations and Recommendations—LTC Russ Dunford, p. 38.
Expeditionary Logistics in Its Truest Form—LCDR Richard A. Paquette, USN, p. 20.
From CASCOM: Convoy, Not CLP: Defining a Logistics Core Competency—MG James E. Chambers, p. 1.
Lean Fielding: Reducing Equipment Redundancy—MAJ Todd J. Wright, p. 4.
Logistics Transition Team —CPT David A. Betancourt, p. 29.
Preparing for the SBCT’s Blue to Green Transition—CW3 Adam S. Hagenston, p. 30.
RSR and CSR: Why the Confusion?—Dr. Thomas E. Ward II, p. 16.
Spectrum: Army Logistics Knowledge Management and SALE: A Paradigm for Military Logistics Transformation—Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson, p. 32.
The 8th Theater Sustainment Command Leads the Way During Pacific
Strike 2008
—BG Mark MacCarley and LTC Brian F. Coleman, p. 24.
The Army’s Impact on the Fuel and Lubricant Industry—Maurice E. Le Pera, p. 10.


Added Combat Multipliers—1LT Randy S. Heathe, p. 32.
AMC Repair Parts Supply Chain—John T. LaFalce, p .2.
COB Speicher CRSP and Container Operations—1LT Cody J. Wheaton, p. 8.
Commentary: Finding a Solution for Tomorrow’s Property Book Officer—CW4 Joel Lockhart, p. 49.
Commentary: Molularity and Logistics—LTC Matthew D. Redding, p. 44.
From CASCOM: Advanced in Property Accountability Training—CW5 David A. Dickson, p. 1.
Logistics Strategies for Planning the Presidential Inauguration—MAJ Christopher L. Paone and MAJ William Kossick, USAF, p.18.
Medical Logistics Transformation In Korea—COL James G. Jolissaint, LTC Thomas C. Slade, and MAJ David L. Sloniker, p.13.
Medical Logistics: Notes From Iraq—1LT J. Mark Franklin, p. 10.
Post Production Software Support—Marc W. Gutleber, p. 55.
Protecting Our Logistics Assets: A Look to the (Near) Future—LTC Scott A. Rew, p. 35.
Reflections on a Battlefield Staff Ride—MAJ Adrian C. Clark, British Army, p. 39.
Spectrum: Army Logistics Knowledge Management and SALE: Relevance and Recommendations—Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson, p. 50.
The Case for an S–8 for the Brigade Combat Team—LTC Keith Gudehus and LTC Gina Smith, USA (Ret.), p. 42.
Top Flite: How One BSB Secured Logistics Convoys in Iraq—LTC Mark J. Weinerth and CPT Timothy N. Page, p. 28.
UNIFIED VIEW: Improving Distribution and Deployment—John Gray, p. 22.
Where’s My Stuff?—Roy E. Gulledge, p. 25.


Commentary: Logisticians Are Sustainers, Not Targeters—MAJ Donald A. MacCuish, p. 18.
Contracting Agility in LOGCAP-Kuwait—COL Scott S. Haraburda, LTC Frances A. Bloom,
and MAJ Robert T. Keck, p. 3.
Earning a Graduate Degree at ILE—Willis F. Jackson, Jr., Gerald J. Leonard, and Gina Smith, p. 52.
From CASCOM: Personnel Services Delivery Redesign—LTC Christopher B. Nichols, p. 1.
Lightweight Modular Causeway System: Logistics Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration—Margaret A. Deming, p. 50.
Over There: Army Expeditionary Forces Logistics in World War I—Alexander F. Barnes, p. 20.
Pit Crew Maintenance in the Brigade Support Battalion—MAJ Troy K. King, p. 10.
Planning Initial Reset for Brigade Combat Teams—MAJ Jason Tomasetti, p. 9.
Spectrum: No Belts Required: The Advantages and Limitations of Statistical Quality Control—MAJ Donovan O. Fuqua, p. 54.
Sustainment-Centric Intelligence—CPT Gregory Larkin, p. 13.
Special Section: The 1st Sustainment Brigade in Iraq Executing Offensive Logistics—LTC Todd A. Heussner, p.24.
Human Resources Modularity Tested in Iraq—CPT Xarhya Wulf, p. 42.
Technology and Daily Management Help CRSPs Move Cargo—CW2 Nadine S. Johnson, p. 36.
The 1st Sustainment Brigade’s Contract Coordination Cell—MAJ John R. Caudill, p. 38.
The Critical Role of Shower, Laundry, and Clothing Repair Teams—CPT James C. Machado, p. 32.
Transformation of Finance Operations—MAJ Thomas A. Buchholz, CPT Nichole M. Ward,
and SSG James R. Bakie, p. 27.


A New Proponent for the Army Acquisition Corps—SGM Ethan A. Jones, p. 27.
Always There, Always Ready—LTG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 6.
Army Logistician to Army Sustainment: Continuity and Change—Staff Feature, p. 2.
Army Logistician: Forty Years of Service to the Field—MG James E. Chambers, p. 5.
Army Strategic Management System: Enhancing Logistics Readiness—David Lewis, Charles Glover, and Rob Frye, p. 34.
Billeting Management in Theaters of Operations—Keith A. Stepp, p. 39.
Commentary: Army Logistician and the Rhymes of History—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone, p. 30.
Commentary: The Problems With the Current Support Structure—LTC Vincent C. Nwafor, p. 42.
Contracted Logistics: The Way Ahead for Iraqi Sustainment Operations—MAJ Tacildayus Andrews, p. 23.
Focus: Ordnance Schools Move Into a New Era—BG Lynn A. Collyar, p. 8.
Interactive Training for Property Accountability—Winston C. Mullins, p. 54.
Sustainment Moves to the Next Level: Rethinking Our Life-Cycle Focus—GEN Ann E. Dunwoody, p. 3.
Tactical Convoy Planning for Sustainers—LTC Gregory Peterson, p. 46.
The Benefits of Participating in the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence Program—CW4 Richard C. Myers, Jr., p. 40.
The Unit Movement Officer in the Redeployment Process—CPT Paul L. Moeller, Jr., p.51.
Transforming While Preparing to Deploy—MAJ James J. Geishaker, p. 24.
Special Section: Soldier Support Institute A Sustainer’s Guide to Financial Mangement—MAJ Brian A. Smith, p. 9.
Culture Change in Recruiting—Donald D. Copley, p.15.
Human Resources Operations: A Force Enabler in the Sustainment Community—LTC Darwin A. Frett, p. 12.
Logistics, CSS, Sustainment: Evolving Definitions of Support—LTC Jeffrey C. Brlecic, p. 19.


A Fort Lee BRAC Overview—Maria Dane, p. 2.
BRAC and Quartermaster Reorganization—Patricia A. Sigle, p. 44.
BRAC Contruction at Fort Lee—COL Edward Gully, p. 11.
BRAC’s Impact on Transportation Training—John C. Race, Jr., p. 33.
CASCOM’s BRAC Rehearsal of Concept Drill—COL John C. Hinkley, p. 5.
Civilian Logistics Career Management—Ellen Savedge and Liana Angelo, p. 22.
Fort Lee Prepares to Host the Sustainment Center of Excellence—Matthew Montgomery, p. 30.
Iraqi Transportation Network—LTC Michael J. Falk, USAR, p. 54.
Managing the Move Into the New SCoE Headquarters—John R. Weber, p. 8.
Marine Corps Joint Training at the Sustainment Center of Excellence—LTC Keith A. Beverley, USA (Ret.), p. 47.
Spectrum: Operational Integrated Framework for the Sustainment Brigade—CPT Robert J. Tremblay, p. 49.
Sustaining Our Army Then and Now—BG Richard P. Mustion, p. 25.
Sustainment Center of Excellence Simulation Training Center—LTC Mary Hall, p. 42.
The 16th Ordnance Battalion Relocates to Fort Lee—MAJ Gregory Fend, p. 20.
The Army Logistics University Is Open for Business—COL Shelley A. Richardson and LTC Tim Gilhool, p. 36.
The Logistics Branch Officer Lifecycle Model—LTC Victor S. Hagan, p. 21.
The Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School BRAC Office—John Antal, p. 16.
The Ordnance School Moves to Fort Lee—LTC Annjanette Ellison, p. 14.
The Tactical Support Equipment Department’s Move to the New Home of Ordnance at Fort Lee—Gary F. Neuser, p.18.

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