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Every Soldier Is an Energy Manager—Major General James L. Hodge

Joint Task Force–Port Opening Comes to the Pacific—Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Walker, Captain Alethia Reynolds, and Aviana Gutierrez
Leveraging Sustainment Units for Alaska Maintenance—Charles W. Fick, Jr.
Commentary: How to Fix the Theater Gateway Problem—Major Anthony Oliveras
Sustainment Warrant Officers' Expanded Roles—Chief Warrant Officer 4 Wayne A. Baugh
Back to the Future: Relearning Sustainment and Force Protection for Full-Spectrum Operations—Captain Daniel Holland and Captain Louis J. Jackson
Learning Ammunition Lessons From Canada—Sergeant Terrence E. Fagan
The Challenges of Bulk Fuel Operations—Chief Warrant Officer 2 Luis A. Caraballo Montero
PBUSE Automatic Identification Technology Phase II—John E. Laudan and Lonna Freeland
Developing a Logistics Major's 5-Year Plan—Lieutenant Colonel Nathan M. Swartz
Improvements in Container Management Training—Thomas Catchings
New Technologies Train Army Sustainment Units—Major James P. Mulvehill
Medical Evacuation Planning in Support of the Brigade Combat Team—Captain Matthew L. Tillman
Crafting a Sustainable Medical Logistics Infrastructure for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense—Major Edwin H. Rodriguez
Defining the Requirement for Cargo-Carrying Unmanned Aerial Systems—Major Richard G. Petersen

Logistics in Asymmetric ConflictsEyal Ziv

Logistics in Reverse: The U.S. Intervention in Siberia, 1918–1920—Alexander F. Barnes and Cassandra J. Rhodes

Army Logistics and Its Historical InfluencesMajor Michael F.Hammond

Sustainment Essentials of the Persian Gulf War—Lieutenant Colonel Joseph R. Kurz
GFEBS Goes Global—Frank A. Distasio, Jr.

Campaign Planning Efforts in the 1st Sustainment Brigade—Lieutenant Colonel Tyrone C. Bentinck

The Completion of the Ordnance School Campus—Staff Feature
Lines of Communication
Index of Army Sustainment Articles—2011
WWW Army Sustainment