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Index of Army Sustainment Articles—2011
  • A Battalion in Italy Supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief
    Around the World
    –CPT Michael Kistler, USAR, Fred Wittmer, and Jennifer King, p.22.
  • Advice to a New Sustainment Planner at the Brigade Command Post–Kenneth Long, p.56.
  • Army Soldier Enhancement Program–Thomas B. House II and Raymond E. Strunk, p.20.
  • Defense Freight Car Operations Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow–George Gounley p.39.
  • Focus: A Letter From Major General James L. Hodge–MG James L. Hodge, p.2.
  • Into Africa: Natural Fire 10–Todd L. Johnston, p.34.
  • Making Training Development Processes More Efficient Through Lean Six Sigma–Donald D. Copley, Jr., p. 47.
  • Medical Logistics at the Salang Pass Avalanche–CPT Jerry D. VanVactor, CPT Jason Donovant, USAF, and 1LT Michael Dinh-Truong, USAR, p.25.
  • OMMS Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Training–CPT Matthew C. Miller, p.30.
  • Preparing the Iraqi Federal Police Sustainment Brigade for the Future–MAJ Henry S. Groulx, p.4.
  • Spectrum: From the Swamp to the High Ground and Back–Dr. Christopher R. Paparone and George L. Topic, p.50.
  • Sustainment SRM: Why the Army Is Uniquely Positioned to Benefit–James D. McIntosh and Jonathan Selter p.14.
  • Sustainment Technologies for BCT Modernization–Thomas Hosmer p.32.
  • Telemaintenance: Transferring Knowledge to the Field–COL (Ret.) Erich Pokorny, German Army p.7.
  • Terrain Analysis for Non-Engineers–MAJ Damien A. Green, p.18.
  • Testing the Capabilities of the HEMTT Wrecker–1LT Jeffrey Teplis p.17.
  • The 377th Theater Sustainment Command Deployment/Redeployment
    Coordination Cell in Haiti–
    LTC Michael J. Perez, p. 12
  • The Army Band Officer Lifecycle–LTC Jim R. Keene, p.44.
  • The Army Profession of Arms Campaign: A Year of Dialog After a Decade of Conflict–Staff Feature, p.3.
  • Training a Combat Sustainment Support Battalion–Dr. John M. Menter p.10.


  • A French Logistics OMLT in Afghanistan—LTC Christophe Barbe, French Army, p. 30.
  • A Vision of Army Logistics With 20/20 Hindsight—LTG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 3.
  • Central Power Solution Training Course—Daniel R. Grachanin, p. 18.
  • Cleaning Up Contingency Operating Base Adder—SGT James Kennedy Benjamin, USAR, p. 47.
  • Creating a Knowledge Management Culture at the Army Soldier Support Institute—Stephan D. Wilcox, p. 52.
  • Enabling the Responsible Drawdown of Forces Through the Theater Provided Equipment Planner—Kellie Wade, p. 38.
  • Focus: The Army's Functional Concept for Sustainment—MG James L. Hodge, p. 2.
  • Item Unique Identification Technology Improving Asset Management—Pablo A. Brown and John E. Laudan, p. 36.
  • Joint Supply Chain Architecture—Mary P. Fletcher, p. 20.
  • MRAP's Future With the Army—MAJ Dale B. Woodhouse, p.48.
  • Now Hiring: Quality NCOs Needed to Lead Soldiers—LTC Sean M. Herron, p. 40.
  • Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams as a Force Multiplier—MAJ John F. Jacques, p. 33.
  • Packing the Largest Shipment of the Iraq War—CPT Kyle P. McNealy, p. 25.
  • Raising Mechanic Skills to Industry Standards—CW2 Matthew R. McCaslin, p. 54.
  • Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death: The World War I Mesopotamian Campaign—Michael Yarborough, p. 50.
  • Security Assistance From the Logistics Point of View—MAJ Daniel M. Maloney, p. 11.
  • Sustaining the Responsible Drawdown of Forces–BG Gustave F. Perna, P.9.
  • Taking Oil Analysis to Southwest Asia–Jackie E. Carney, P.14.
  • Training Ammunition Supply Soldiers While Deployed–CPT Theodore L. Zagraniski and CW2 Gary N. Carr, P.42.
  • Vehicle Recovery Training at JMRC–MAJ Derek W. Hoffman, P.26.


  • Commentary: Prospecting the Frontiers of Logistics Research–Dr. Christopher R. Paparone and George L. Topic, p.54.
  • Expanding Logistics Capacity–LTC Matthew P. Shatzkin, p.16.
  • Focus: Using Knowledge Networks to Learn, Act, and Adapt–MG James L. Hodge, p.2.
  • Lessons in Adaptation: The ICTC on the Nonlinear Battlefield–CPT Nicholas G. Catechis, p.24.
  • Lessons Learned From the First Year of Activating a Brigade Support Battalion–LTC Leon G. Plummer and MAJ Eric A. McCoy, p.36.
  • Medical Logistics Operations on the Korean Peninsula During Key Resolve 2010–MAJ William Tudor and Sara Schubert, p.13.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Tags in Modern Distribution Processes–Patricia Kelly and Catherine Robertello, p.44.
  • Retooling Leader Development in the Financial Management–School Dr. Dennis K. Davis, p.47.
  • Special Operations Logistics Support: Sustaining Victory–CPT Cisco J. Fuller, p.30.
  • Spectrum: The Army Out of Balance–Dr. Romuald A. Stone, p.50.
  • Sustainment Brigade Medical Operations–MSG Gregory C. Thorn, p.10.
  • Sustainment Lessons Learned From Combined Joint Task Force-82–COL Michael C. Lopez, p.26.
  • The 307th BSB and Iraqi Army Logistics–CPT Kyle W. Brown, p.20.
  • Tips From Sustainment Brigade Commanders–LTG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p.3.
  • Using a Brigade Support Medical Company on the Current Battlefield–CPT Carla A. Berger, p.6.
  • Why Logisticians Fail at Knowledge Management–MAJ Jim Bunyak, p.41.
  • Why Should I Study Military History?–MAJ James J. Godfrey, p.34.


  • Bridging the Gap: USAMMA Support Moves Closer to the CustomerMAJ Michael S. Whiddon, p.20.
  • Challenges to Maintaining Readiness in a Deployed Environment–MAJ Terry D. Brannan, p.44.
  • Commentary: Raising Army EOD Entry Requirements–CPT Emily H. Spencer, p.30.
  • Elements of the Profession of Arms and Their Impact on the Military Logistician–MAJ Eric A. McCoy, p.16.
  • Exercise Positive Strike–COL Kurt J. Ryan and CPT Matthew K. Ferguson, p.46.
  • Feeding the Force: The Spartan Field Kitchen–MAJ Sean P. Kelly and CPT Rob Champion, p.3.
  • Financial Management for Contingency Operations–MAJ William Keltner, p.61.
  • Focus: The Army Logistics University: Developing Sustainment Leaders–MG James L. Hodge, p.2.
  • Historic Ammunition Retrograde Conducted in Korea–MAJ Gary D. Whittacre, p.24.
  • Increasing the Use of the Battle Command Sustainment Support System–MAJ Donald C. Santillo, p.22.
  • Spectrum: From Manufacturer to Forward Operating Base–COL John C. Waller, p.50.
  • Supplies From the Sky–CW2 Carlos Rojas, p.34.
  • Supporting an Afghan Convoy–CPT Micah J. Klein, p.26.
  • TACOM Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems–Louis Gorenc, p.28.
  • The 101st Sustainment Brigade Tackles Mailroom Operations–SPC Donte L. Gordon, p.49.
  • The 10th Sustainment Brigade in Iraq: Sustaining the Climb–MAJ Sherdrick S. Rankin, Sr., p.32.
  • The 1st Sustainment Brigade Sustainment Operations Center: Meeting the Challenges of ARFORGEN–COL Flem B. "Donnie" Walker, Jr., p.6.
  • The Army Award for Maintenance Excellence–CPT Michael S. Lane, p.42.
  • The First 100 Days: A Story of Sustainment–LTC David F. Jolly, p.15.
  • The Sustainment Warfighting Function–COL Charles L. Parins, MNARNG, p.56.
  • The Theater Express Program: A Combat Logistics Force Multiplier–LTC Dean A. Huard, p.38.
  • Training Army Values–Hope L. Bean,p.64.


  • 82d Sustainment Brigade Rear Provisional HeadquartersLTC Peter B. Windsor, p.14.
  • A Financial Management Support Operations Team's Deployment
    to Kuwait
    –LTC Lawrence M. Seward, MAJ Jonathan G. Westfield, and MSG James E. Combs, p.18.
  • A New Dawn for BCS3–MAJ John J. Coiro, USAR, p.40.
  • ABCA: A Coalition That Works–Thomas D. Little, p.62.
  • Adding MRAPs to Transportation Companies–MAJ Everett Lacroix, p.26.
  • Aerial ISR Inside an ESC–CPT Jonah E. Krause, p.45.
  • Container Management in the EUCOM and AFRICOM Theaters–Eric J. Gordon-Jones, p.33.
  • Decentralizing Strategic-to-Tactical Maintenance Operations–MAJ Andrew J. Aiello III, p.58.
  • Developing a Fuel Management Information System in Iraq–1LT Larry L. Motley, Jr., p.48.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Stateside Missions–CPT Arianna D. Morell, p.56.
  • Filling the MRAP Gaps–MAJ Eric A. McCoy, p.30.
  • Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness at the Department of Defense–Peggy Johnson, p.54.
  • Focus: Vital Partners in Sustainment: CASCOM's Support of the Reserve Component–MG James L. Hodge, p.2.
  • Force Management and Integration Within a Deployed Sustainment Brigade–MAJ John M. Ruths, p.6.
  • Incorporating MRAPS into the Army Force Structure–MAJ Raymond M. Longabaugh, p.28.
  • LOGSA: Sustaining the Heartbeat of the Materiel Enterprise–COL Robert P. Sullivan and Juanetta L. Brent, p.3.
  • MRAPs in the Brigade Combat Team–MAJ Rodney H. Lipscomb II, p.24.
  • NATO Conference Works to Improve Logistics Standardization–George Williams and Adrienne E. Faessler, p.65.
  • Not Your Father's BCS3–CPT John D. Lamkin, p.17.
  • Recruiting and Retention in Afghanistan–MAJ Christopher Moore, p.60.
  • The 563d Aviation Support Battalion's Off-Post Training Exercise–MAJ Eric R. Peterson, p.34.
  • The Battalion Command Centralized Selection List and the
    Logistics Corps–
    LTC Kenneth W. Letcher and LTC Michelle M. Letcher,p.50.
  • The Challenges and Risks of the ARFORGEN Process for a Sustainment Brigade–CPT Thomas A. Knothe, P.11.
  • The Component Repair Company–CPT Carl S. Miller,P.22.


  • 16th Sustainment Brigade Theater SupportCW4 Dane A. Patterson, p.7.
  • Commentary: How RFID and Smartphones Will Help Revolutionize Army Sustainment–Todd H. Guggisberg, p.17.
  • Commentary: Is Junping the BSA Always Necessary?–LTC Michael Baumeister, CSM Thomas W. Hall, Jr., and MAJ Jennifer McDonough, p.20.
  • CSS/HSS Rehearsals: The Initial Step to Logistics Synchronization–MAJ Claude E. Walker and MAJ David C. Wood, p.23.
  • Data Driven Army–LTC Douglas S. Sutter, CTARNG, p.14.
  • Environmental Compliance and the Return to Garrison–CPT Travis P. Iommi, p.12.
  • Explosives Safety Briefings–CPT Chad R. Huggins, p.28.
  • Focus: R–CAATS: Learning From Experience–MG James L. Hodge, p.2.
  • Human Resources Operations Branch: Doctrine Versus Reality–MAJ David L. Godfrey, Jr., and WO1 LaMika D. Brown, p.26.
  • Interagency Logistics Education and Training: Building Homeland Defense and Civil Support Liaisons–Dr. Billy J. Davis, p.48.
  • LOGCAP Demystified: A Primer on LOGCAP Services–MAJ Malcolm G. Haynes, p.44.
  • Managing Construction Projects in a Sustainment Brigade–CPT Derek E. Enslow, p.32.
  • MILSTRIP Requisitioning at an Army Maintenance Activity–CPT Andrew C. Whitley, p.10.
  • Mission Command of HR and FM Companies in Afghanistan–CPT Elizabeth N. Strickland, p.30.
  • Postal Operations in the Human Resources Operations Branch–1LT Troy A. Danek, CW2 Maribel Aponte, and SFC Eric A. Nitzel , p.37.
  • PS Magazine: 60 Years of Supporting Preventive Maintenance–Jonathan W. Pierce, p.52.
  • Supply and Services Operations in Afghanistan–SSG Joseph Radermacher, p.40.
  • The 11th Transportation Battalion Supports a Joint Operational Access Exercise–1LT Andrea L. Whitaker, p.42.
  • The AG School Implements HR Training Simulators–MAJ Boyce L. Edwards, Jr., p.50.
  • The First Team: Achieving Anticipatory Logistics–MG Kenneth S. Dowd, p.3.
  • The Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe–CPT Jeffrey J. Quail, p.55.

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