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The printed version of the September-October 2008 issue of Army Logistician incorrectly listed General Ann E. Dunwoody as the commander of the Army Materiel Command.  Lieutenant General Dunwoody will not assume command until later this year.  General Benjamin S. Griffin will continue as commander of the Army Materiel Command until then.                      We apologize for the error.  
Cover: The Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT) is designed to be a rapidly deployable force, bridging the gap between the traditional light and heavy brigades. Unlike the heavy and infantry brigade combat teams, the SBCT does not incorporate forward support companies (FSCs) in its logistics structure. But should it? Would FSCs fill shortfalls in SBCT sustainment? Or would adding FSCs to the SBCT just make it heavier and less agile? In the articles beginning on pages 26 and 33, the authors offer opposing views on this question. In the cover photo, an SBCT artillery repairer with B Company, Brigade Support Battalion, 2d SBCT, 25th Infantry Division, wipes grease from an M777 155-millimeter howitzer during the weapon's annual servicing at Camp Taji, Iraq.

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