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A Letter From Major General Larry D. Wyche—Major General Larry D. Wyche

The Transportation Corps Strategic Blueprint: Charting the Path of Change for the Corps After Next—Brigadier General Stephen E. Farmen

70 Years of the Transportation CorpsRichard E. Killblane

Synchronizing Field and Sustainment Support: Roles and Responsibilities
After 10 Years of War
—Colonel Todd A. Heussner, Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey C. DeTingo,
and Lieutenant Colonel Craig M. Short

Completing the Chain: Mentorship Needed in Officer Basic Courses—Captain Erik J. Anthes
Operational Contract Support: Not Just for Contingencies
—Lieutenant Colonel Robert Gould, USA (Ret.)
Force Management and the Future of the Army Physician Assistant—Major Bill A. Soliz
Developing Logistics and Property Accountability in the Afghan Uniform Police
—Chief Warrant Officer 2 Selina Gilliam
Through the Eyes of a Warrior—Siobhan R. Yarbrough
Rethinking the Last Tactical Mile: Adaptive Air Logistics in Africa—Major Joseph D. Gaddis, USAF
The 3d Sustainment Brigade Embraces Finance—Major Terry Sullivan
The Effect of the Responsible Drawdown of Forces on Class I Sustainment
—Captain Sophia Obamije
Supplying the Forces While Rightsizing Ammunition Storage Activities
—Chief Warrant Officer 3 Cheryl D. Monroe

The Busiest Brigade Support Medical Company on the BattlefieldCaptain Michael A. Miller

Lines of Communication
How to Choose and Use Seals
—Dr. Roger G. Johnston and Dr. Jon S. Warner

The Race to 1 September—Lieutenant Colonel Robert King
and Captain Leonard B. Della-Moretta III

What “Right” Looks Like—Major General Larry J. Lust, USA (Ret.)
Lines of Communication
Writing for Army Sustainment
WWW Army Sustainment