Army Sustainment March-April 2013

FocusSustaining the Army of 2020

Global Combat Support System–Army and Sustainment 2020

The Army’s 2020 sustainment concept incorporates numerous changes and enhancements to our current systems and practices. Download this article.

CommentaryAdaptive Leadership: The Way Ahead for Sustainment Leaders

Making the Contracting Officer Part of the Logistics Career Path

The Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan identified several shortfalls in contracting on the battlefield. Download this article.


The Operations Officer in the BSB

Observer-coach/trainers at the National Training Center lay out a proposal combining the brigade support battalion S–3 and the support operations sections. Download this article.


Some Bold Thoughts on a SOC of the Future

In this article, the author takes a look at the mission of the sustainment operations center, questions if it should be considered deployable, and makes a case for including resident enduring enablers. Download this article.


How the Army Needs to Lead Transformation in the Operational Energy Campaign

The Army defines operational energy (OE) as “the energy and associated systems, information and processes required to train, move, and sustain forces and systems for military operations.” Download this article.

OperationsGarrison and Facilities Management Advising

Improving Fuel Distribution Effectiveness in Afghanistan

Balancing fuel consumption, capacity, and distribution velocity was essential to meeting the fuel needs of units in Regional Command Capital in Afghanistan. Download this article.

OperationsOperation Midnight Sun: Multifunctional Logistics in the Last Frontier

14th HRSC Operations
in Support of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command

While deployed to Kuwait, the 14th Human Resources Sustainment Center embraced human resources core competencies, including manning the force, providing services, coordinating personnel support, and conducting planning. Download this article.


Intelligence Support to Sustainment Operations: Lessons Learned from the Iraq Drawdown

The 1st Theater Sustainment Command relied on daily intelligence sharing across the joint operating area to conduct safe and secure retrograde operations during Operation New Dawn. Download this article.

OperationsOperation Midnight Sun: Multifunctional Logistics in the Last Frontier

Lengthening the Tether of Fuel in Afghanistan

During its deployment to Afghanistan, the 633rd Quartermaster Group implemented measures to increase efficiency in fuel tracking. Download this article.


The Role of the Financial Management Company at End of MissionLast One Out Turns Off the Lights: Closing a Military Base During the Withdrawal of Troops From Iraq

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Army spent millions of dollars building up operating bases all over the country. Although not all bases were created equal, they all were constantly being improved during the almost nine-year war. Download this article.

Training and Education

Human Resources Personnel Need to Train as They Fight

With the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, HR personnel must find a way to ensure that they maintain an expeditionary mindset. Download this article.

Training and Education

Modification of the Planning Process for Sustainers Part 1: Design

This is the first of a series of three articles that reviews the planning process, from Army design methodology through assessment, and discusses the modifications and distinctive variations sustainment planners can apply. Download this article.


The Case for a Contingency Contracting “ONE PASS”

The Department of Defense obligated more
than $27 billion in fiscal year 2010 contracts
to support military engagements in Iraq and
Afghanistan, according to “Department of Defense Contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq: Background and Analysis,” a 2011 Congressional Research Service report by Moshe Schwartz and Joyprada Swain. Download this article.


MC4 Challenges at the National Training Center

Soldiers have been using the Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care stem to manage medical information for more than a decade, but training on the system is still being provided by field support representatives. Download this article.

ToolsLogistics Support for Small Unit Operations: The Marine Corps in the Dominican Republic, 1916–1924

Examining Decisive Action Sustainment Operations at the Task Force Level

The change from counterinsurgency operations to decisive action operations will require some changes in the way sustainers do business. Download this article.


The Next Generation: Cataloging Nonstandard Items

As the Army converts logistics functions to Global Combat Support System–Army, Soldiers must understand the strategies for data cleansing, migration, conversion, and fielding. Download this article.

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U.S. Army Soldiers line up to receive fuel for their mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles during a convoy break en route to Forward Operating Base Tillman, Paktika province, Afghanistan, Nov. 21, 2012. In “How the Army Needs to Lead Transformation in the Operational Energy Campaign,” the author discusses the Army’s operational energy initiatives. For related stories, see “Lengthening the Tether of Fuel in Afghanistan.” (Cover photo by Sgt. Kimberly Trumbull)