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Doctrine 2015: The Future of Sustainment Doctrine—Major General James L. Hodge

QLLEX: Real-World Training in Fuel and Water Supply—Colonel Philip C. Foster, USAR
The S–4 in a Provincial Reconstruction Team—Captain Michael Casiano
Combat Sustainment Support Soldiers in Special Forces—Captain Zachery Briscoe
Supporting a Special Operations Task Force During the Withdrawal From Iraq
—Major Thomas B. Craig
The Training of Movement Control Teams—Lieutenant Colonel Lillard Evans, Major Kevin M. Baird, and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ki Han
Who Pays the Bill? Budget Planning in the Military Decisionmaking Process—Major Fernando Pasquin, Spanish Army
Responsible Contracting in a Couterinsurgency Campaign—Captain John T. O'Connor
Establishing a Central Receiving and Shipping Point at the Largest General Support Hub in Afghanistan—Major Donna J. Johnson
Convoy Operations in Afghanistan—Major Timothy S. Moon
The Army Learning Model: Changing the Way Sustainers Train—Lieutenant Colonel Richard J. Stafford and Major William Mark Thornhill II
Commentary: The "Second Half" of the Life Cycle—Louis Gorenc
Commanding an Army Field Support Battalion—Lieutenant Colonel Michael T. Wright
Improving In-Theater Maintenance for the Bundeswehr—Colonel Gerald Funke,
German Air Force
A–TCOP: Clearing the Fog—Brandon J. Dauphinais

The New Spice Route for Africa—Lieutenant Colonel David L. Corrick, USAFR

Commentary: Finding Alternatives to MHE on the Battlefield—Major James J. Lucowitz, Jr.

Commentary: Retaining Logisticians—Colonel Gary C. Howard, USAR (Ret.)

The Polar Bear Expedition: The U.S. Intervention in Northern Russia, 1918–1919— Alexander F. Barnes and Cassandra J. Rhodes
Lines of Communication
A User's Perspective of GCSS–Army—W.Allen Huckabee and Captain Marcus Smoot
Lines of Communication
Writing for Army Sustainment
WWW Army Sustainment