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Department of the Army

Dear Army Logistician Readers:

This is an exciting time to be an Army logistician. Along with our colleagues in the other components of the Department of Defense, we face the dual challenge of prosecuting the Global War on Terrorism while simultaneously managing an unprecedented transformation to a campaign-quality Army that is ready to support joint and expeditionary missions.

As the new commander of the Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee, I also serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Army Logistician professional bulletin. I welcome this duty because I understand the need for all of us in the logistics community to communicate with each other at this time of accelerating change. As a logistician—whether you are a soldier, an Army or Defense civilian, or a contractor—you need not only to stay abreast of what is happening in Army and Defense logistics but also to contribute to the process of transformation by sharing what you think with other logisticians. Army Logistician offers you an excellent forum for doing this.

I urge you to view Army Logistician as your publication. Assume ownership of the magazine; it’s your professional journal. Read it. Write for it. Make sure it circulates in your activity. Use it to stimulate discussions. If you have a great idea, or if your organization is doing something you think the rest of the Army needs to know about, then write an article and send it to the Army Logistician staff. If you disagree with an article in Army Logistician, write a letter to the editor or even develop your own article in rebuttal
Remember that contributing to Army Logistician can help you as well as your colleagues in the logistics community. Writing for Army Logistician looks good on your resume and will earn you a subscription to the magazine for 2 years. For more information, as well as to view copies of all issues since the magazine began in 1969, visit the Army Logistician Web site at www.alu.army.mil/alog.

Ann E. Dunwoody
Major General, U.S. Army