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Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson, the Commanding General of the Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM), invites all members of the Army's extended logistics team to submit design suggestions for the new Logistics Officer Corps insignia.  He is looking for new and imaginative proposals that incorporate the many invaluable contributions that logisticians have made and continue to make to the Army.  Sketches of proposed insignia should include a short, succinct English-language motto for the new corps.

Submission of an entry implies that the submitter

  • Assigns to the Department of the Army all rights to the design, including copyright.
  • Disclaims any trademark rights.  All entries become the property of the Army, and, at its discretion, the Army will have the sole right to alter or modify any submitted design.
  • Certifies that the design is original, that it has not been previously published, and that it does not infringe on the copyright of any other person or entity.

Proposed designs and accompanying mottos should be emailed to Dr. K. B. Sterling, the CASCOM Historian, at keir.sterling@us.army.mil, or mailed to him at 3901 Adams Avenue, Fort Lee, Virginia  23801.  All entries must be received by 31 October 2006.

Cover: As the Army pursues the Global War on Terrorism on multiple fronts and manages the transition to the Modular Force, it also must be prepared to respond to domestic emergencies such catastrophic storms and forest fires. It has been a year since Hurricane Katrina, followed closely by Hurricane Rita, devastated the gulf coast. Among the many units from all of the armed services responding to the back-to-back disasters was the 13th Corps Support Command. Its story begins on page 22. In the cover photo, an Army high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle slowly makes its way through the flooded streets of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

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