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CASCOM—A Key Player in the Network Integration Evaluation Process
—Major General Larry D. Wyche

Lines of Communication

The Road to Sayed: Lessons Learned From a Recovery Operation in Northern Afghanistan
—Captain Andrew J. Fair and First Lieutenant Philip Messina

Split-Based Level II Medical Support OperationsCaptain Erica L. Kane

Property Accountability Challenges in a Headquarters Company—Captain Blake K. Huff

Medical Logistics in Regional Command North—Captain Marilyn M. Frise
Supply Support Activity Operations in Regional Command North—Captain Sean M. Chermer
Making BCS3 Work in a Deployed Environment—Lieutenant Colonel David A. Poland
The Enlisted Aide Program and Training—Staff Feature
The Impact of Logistics on the British Defeat in the American Revolutionary War
—Major Eric A. McCoy
The Case Against a Cargo Unmanned Aircraft System—Captain Andrew P. Betson
Planning and Executing Battalion Training and Certification
—Lieutenant Colonel Lillard D. Evans
Sustainment Battalion Convoy Protection Platform Gunnery—Captain Tiffiney N. Brooks
Training and Certifying Companies for C2CRE and GRF Missions—Major Mark D. Daley

A Casualty Liaison Team Prepares for Deployment—Second Lieutenant Eric L. Ross

Training and Certification for Convoy Escort Teams—Captain Jeffrey B. Frembling

Commercial Vendor Services and Disbursing Situational Training Exercise
—Captain John R. Borman

Logistics Training at the Joint Readiness Training Center—Captain Julio J. Reyes
Rapidly Returning the Global Response ForceLieutenant Colonel Matthew Shatzkin
Redefining the Future of Tactical Equipment Maintenance FacilitiesNadia Abou-El-Seoud and Lieutenant Colonel Ravin Howell, USA (Ret.)
Lines of Communication
A Case for Change in the Management of Class V
Major General Gustave F. Perna and Stephen D. Abney
An Enlisted Soldier Graduates From the Theater Logistics Planners ProgramSpecialist David J. McCarthy
Lines of Communication
Writing for Army Sustainment
WWW Army Sustainment