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Cover: Joint logistics, when properly executed, allows the armed services, Defense agencies, and the private sector to support the joint force commander more effectively by combining their resources. Lieutenant General C.V. Christianson, the Director for Logistics, J­4, on the Joint Staff, reflects on the current state and the challenges of joint logistics in the article beginning on page 2. The cover photo captures the essence of joint logistics in the field: Army Soldiers and Navy Sailors work together to unload food and water from a Marine Corps CH­53E Super Stallion helicopter in Ethiopia.

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Joint Logistics—Shaping Our Future: A Personal Perspective —Lieutenant General C.V. Christianson
Improving Situational Awareness in the Division Logistics Command Post —Major James E.P. Miller
The Role of UMOs and TC­AIMS Operators in Deployments
—Major Michael E. Scarlett, Jr., Sergeant First Class Chester W. Montgomery, and Bobby L. Roberson
Protecting Civilian Logisticians on the Battlefield —Major Richard J. Hornstein
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