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The First 100 Days:
A Story of Sustainment

The 184th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC), an Army National Guard unit from Laurel and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, assumed responsibility for all sustainment operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from the 135th ESC, an Alabama Army National Guard unit, on 17 October 2010. Since then, the 184th ESC and its subordinate units have provided support for all coalition forces in Afghanistan.

On a daily basis, the 184th ESC and its subordinate units are responsible for funding the meals of more than 100,000 personnel. Each month, their contracted vehicles travel an average of 23,570 miles per day, their contracted aircraft fly an average of 23,700 passengers, and they process transactions worth an average of $181 million.

On 24 January 2011, the 184th ESC marked its 100th day as the headquarters element for Joint Sustainment Command-Afghanistan (JSC–A). In the first 100 days, JSC–A units—

  • Reviewed and approved $1.2 billion in military contracts.
  • Delivered more than 126 million gallons of fuel.
  • Provided 25.6 million meals.
  • Distributed 7.6 million pounds of ammunition.
  • Delivered more than 17 million pounds of mail.
  • Authorized 2.4 million miles of travel by contracted host-nation trucks.
  • Managed more than 19,000 bed spaces daily.
  • Airdropped 5,400 bundles of critical supplies to remote combat bases.
  • Provided 1,925 legal services for servicemembers.
  • Conducted 1,848 logistics convoys.

“All servicemembers involved in the operational sustainment of logistics continue to perform above expectations in this difficult and austere environment,”said Brigadier General Philip R. Fisher, the JSC–A commanding general. “The work they do here is critical to mission success.”

Spartan Field Kitchen

“The logistics fight in Afghanistan is without a doubt the most challenging job we've ever been tasked with,” said Colonel Craig M. Weaver, the JSC–A support operations officer. “[To say that] Afghanistan is not Iraq is an understatement. The dynamics of an ever-changing battlefield, limited lines of communications, and the lack of a staging base (such as Kuwait) requires a support operations staff that must quickly assess the situation and make sound decisions to ensure uninterrupted sustainment flow.”

Colonel Weaver credits strong staff relationships with the 184th ESC's strategic partners—the 1st Theater Support Command, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, the 101st and 43d Sustainment Brigades, the 401st Army Field Sustainment Brigade, the 313th Joint Movement Control Battalion, the 145th Theater Transportation Opening Element, and the 643d Regional Support Group—with ensuring that the warfighters have the supplies to conduct combat operations and defeat the insurgents on the battlefield.

Lieutenant Colonel David F. Jolly is the public affairs officer for the 184th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Mississippi Army National Guard. He holds a B.S. degree in secondary education from the University of Southern Mississippi and an M.B.A. degree from William Carey University. He is a graduate of the Engineer Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, Combined Arms and Services Staff School, Army Command and General Staff College, Public Affairs Qualification Course, Finance Officer Qualification Course, and Human Resources Qualification Course.

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