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Ammunition LARs Are a Great Training Resource

I read your article titled “Training Ammunition Supply Soldiers While Deployed,” by Captain Theodore L. Zagraniski and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gary N. Carr (May–June 2011 issue), with great interest. This particular topic is very high on my list of problems encountered while in theater.

I wanted to point out to you and your readers that a great source for training exists in the form of ammunition logistics assistance representatives (LARs). These people are versed in all facets of munitions handling and safety, not to mention accounting and storage. All munitions handlers, and specifically [military occupational specialty] 89B ammunition specialists, could benefit from their assistance.

Please feel free to let your readers know about us. It would be a great help in getting the message out. Thank you for your support.

Willis “Ed” Kopic
Munitions LAR
Fort Knox, Kentucky

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