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Cover: The 1st Corps Support Command (COSCOM) from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, provided logistics support for the Multinational Corps-Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 04­06. On the cover, a 1st COSCOM Soldier takes a sample from a water pump that provides water for a small village near Logistics Support Area Anaconda in Iraq. The sample will be used to determine if the water is safe enough to drink or if the Army will have to purify it before it can be consumed. Articles about the 1st COSCOM’s experiences and lessons learned in OIF 04­06 can be found on pages 3, 9, and 12.

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Letter From Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson
Transitioning to Support the Future Force —Lieutenant General Ann E. Dunwoody
Sustaining the Momentum: The 1st Corps Support Command in Iraq
—Brigadier General Yves J. Fontaine and Major Donald K. Wols
1st COSCOM Total Asset Visibility in Iraq
—Colonel Mark W. Akin
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