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Department of the Army

December 5, 2005
Dear Army Logistician Readers:

When I assumed command of the US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee last October, I was delighted to accept the collateral duty as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Army Logistician. I am a past Army Logistician author, so I welcome the opportunity to support and promote this excellent publication.

Today’s logisticians must be prepared, more than ever before, to support both traditional and nontraditional logistics and sustainment operations at home and on the battlefield. However, their responsibility does not end there. Logisticians must stay abreast of what is happening in Army and joint logistics and share information and insights about logistics training and innovative and agile operational accomplishments. Army Logistician provides an excellent forum for doing just that.

Logisticians who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with others are the primary source of the articles that appear in Army Logistician. If you are a Soldier, an Army or Defense civilian, or a contractor with a story to tell or information that would be of interest to fellow logisticians, you can depend on the staff of Army Logistician to help you turn your story or information into a quality article.

If you would like to comment on an article you read in the magazine, write to Army Logistician’s editor. I guarantee that you will receive a personal reply. When appropriate, your letter will be published in the magazine’s “Log Notes” section for the benefit of other readers. Don’t be just a reader—be a participant!

Additional information, as well as copies of back issues of Army Logistician, are available on the Web at www.alu.army.mil/alog.

Major General, US Army