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Sustainment Center of Excellence Lifelong Learning Portal: Gateway to Lifelong Learning for Logisticians

As the Army continues to transform to a leaner, more deployable, and more lethal formation with state-of-the-art equipment for sustaining well-trained Soldiers, Army training is also moving forward with a new look. To help transform how we train, the Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) has been moving forward with a concept called “lifelong learning.”

We have accomplished a great deal in support of the tenets of lifelong learning—not just advancing the concept for combat service support (CSS) Soldiers and leaders, but also advancing it for the Army. Lifelong learning is no longer just an idea; it is an established concept at the Army Training and Doctrine Command and the Department of the Army.

In support of the lifelong learning concept, we have established the “Sustainment Center of Excellence Lifelong Learning Portal” (SCOE–LLP). The SCOE–LLP, in partnership with the virtual muscle of the SCOE Sustainment Knowledge Network (SKN) (which is available on line at https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/372426), is the hub supporting lifelong learning and collaboration for the CASCOM, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Transportation, and Army Logistics Management College learning domains. The Applied Technology Division, under the CASCOM Deputy Commander for Training, Training Support Directorate, is the staff coordinating and operational organization for the SCOE–LLP.

The SKN, which is designed to facilitate lifelong learning and knowledge management by bringing commanders, Soldiers, and support staff the information they need, further supports the generation, application, management, and exploitation of CSS and Army knowledge to foster collaboration among CSS Soldiers and units. SKN personnel facilitate online forums and help the CSS community apply knowledge management to share expertise and experience, develop intuitive leaders, improve decisionmaking, and develop organizations and terms.

The SCOE–LLP uses a learning content management system to deploy learning content to users. It can deploy interactive multimedia instruction (IMI), simulations, games, and other instructional materials such as course management plans, lesson plans, and plans of instruction. It also has a help desk, forums, and other student assistance capabilities. The SCOE–LLP is a “virtual” blend of connectivity and people that provides lifelong- learning materials, information, and support with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reachback capability.

The SCOE–LLP enables the branch, unit, commander, or instructor to track a student’s progress by “virtual” means. The student management function can track which courses—even which modules of courses—have been taken. If a course’s content is updated, the SCOE–LLP can notify the Soldier. In this way, the SCOE–LLP is not only a collection of training and educational materials but also a means of standardizing the instruction that Active and Reserve component students receive. The SCOE–LLP ensures that all Soldiers receive the same instruction in a standardized format and that individual Soldiers can refresh their skills whenever they require, no matter where in the world they are.

Using the SCOE–LLP offers many advantages. For example, using SCOE–LLP—

  • Blends classroom instructional modes to help increase practical exercise (hands-on) time.
  • Increases instructor control and student contact time beyond the traditional classroom.
  • Bridges the sustainment training gap between, for example, advanced individual training, basic and advanced noncommissioned officer courses, and warrant officer courses.
  • Makes updates to course materials instantly available to mobile training teams, instructors, and learners.

To date, more than 5,000 Soldiers and civilians have actively enrolled in about 200 SCOE–LLP courses. I invite you to check your proponent learning domain via the SCOE–LLP website at http://www.cascom.lee.army.mil/scoe/scoebbportal/. And if you don’t like what you see, write to us and tell us how we can better serve you. For more information or to request assistance, please send an email to the SCOE–LLP at leeeSCOEBLACK BOARD@lee.army.mil.

Major General Mitchell H. Stevenson is the commanding general of the Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee, Virginia, and the chairman of the Army Logistician Board of Directors.