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6th Medical Logistics Management Center

The 6th Medical Logistics Management Center (MLMC) is a multicomponent unit that provides centralized information management of class VIII (medical materiel), medical equipment maintenance, and blood to deployed forces.

The MLMC was established on 13 October 2000 to replace the deactivated 6th Theater Medical Materiel Management Center. The MLMC’s forward teams provide total asset visibility for medical materiel in an operational theater and en route to the theater. The MLMC base unit links theater class VIII commodity requirements with distribution systems to get medical supplies and equipment into the theater.

The MLMC also integrates and coordinates strategic medical logistics actions between the theater and the service agencies responsible for medical logistics: the Army Medical Materiel Agency, the Air Force Medical Logistics Office, the Naval Medical Logistics Command, and the Defense Logistics Agency’s Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The MLMC’s responsibilities include reviewing and analyzing demands and computing theater medical commodity requirements; evaluating the workload, capabilities and assets of supported medical logistics battalions; and directing cross-leveling of workload or resources to achieve required capabilities and maximum efficiency. The MLMC provides mapping for class VIII commodity and distribution pipelines and furnishes medical materiel information management data and reports to key organizations.