Logistics Leader College Courses

Logistics Leader Courses

LLC offers the following courses for students:

ATRRS requires a CAC to view courses!

EOD Logistics Captains Career Course

Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3)

Logistics Pre-Command (DEPOT)

Mobilization / Deployment Planning

Multifunctional Logistics CCC (RC)

Ordnance Basic Officer Leader - Branch

Ordnance Captains Career - Phase 1

Ordnance Captains Career - Phase 2

Ordnance Officer Branch Qualification (ODBQ)

GCSS - Army Middle Managers Course

Quartermaster Basic Officer Leader - Branch

Quartermaster Captains Career - Phase 1

Quartermaster Captains Career - Phase 2

Support Operations

Sustainment Automation Spt Mgt Office

Sustianment Pre-Command

Theater Sustainment Planners

Transportation Basic Officer Leader - Branch

Transportation Captains (BQ)

Transportation Captains Career - Phase 1

Transportation Captains Career - Phase 2

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2018