Alpha Company / ALU Support Bn


Our students take the Logistics Captain's Career Course (LOG-C3) at Fort Lee, VA 23801. There are separate requirements for the active duty resident Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3) Course # 8-10-C22 and the reserve components Captain Career Course (RC-C3).

Resident AD Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3)

The resident portion of LOG-C3 is 20 weeks and divided into two phases. LOG-C3 provides company grade officers an advanced learning environment focused on staff officer planning, company command, multifunctional logistics at the tactical and operational levels and exposure to Unified Action Partners (UAP). Call 804-765-8401 for further information.

Reserve Componenet - Captains Career Course (RC-C3)

RC-C3 is comprised of a 3-phased course. Phase 1 is a 2 week resident course that is branch specific. Ordnance Phase 1 is course # 4-9-C23-91A; Quartermaster Phase 1 is course #8-10-C23; and, Transportation Phase 1 is course # 8-55-C23. Phase 2 is a distance learning (DL) course, Support Operations (SPO) Course # 8A-FA90/551-F39. Phase 3 is a 2 week resident course, Course 9-00-C23, Multifunctional Logistics. More information about all these courses can be found on-line in ATRRS. Call 804-765-8481 for further information.

Last Updated: 11 January, 2018